mom’s current condition

Hi all, I spent a very good weekend with Mom. She ended up feeling nearly normal by the time I left Sunday late afternoon. We got her on a strict 4 glasses of gatorade and snacks between meals regimen and it seemed to work. I encourage all of you to make sure Mom is keeping with this regimen:

1. Be sure she is drinking at least 4 glasses of gatorade per day; she has not been doing this consistently.

2. If she is walking the beach or more active, she needs to carry water or gatorade with her and increase her fluid intake beyond the 4 glasses.

3. Be sure she is having 2 high-protein snacks per day: between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. I have suggested nuts and dairy combos such as peanut butter crackers and cheese or nuts and yogurt.

The improvement in how she felt physically and mentally was dramatic. I reminded her gently that she needs to do her part so we and the doctors can do ours to get her back to feeling well.

I was really glad to have the time alone with Mom this weekend. We had fun and it was great to see her feeling better and less tense.


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