update dad’s meds, dr. appts.

As of 5/3/10

Dad’s meds

Lisinoprol    20 mg /d       Dr. Lefkowitz (a cardiologist he does not see now)

HCTZ          12.5mg/d            Lefko

Tricor       145 mg/d             Lefko

Prilosec      20mg/d     Sheckman

Thyroxine    .075mg     Lefko

Crestor    20mg      Sheckman

Prosac     20mg     Sheckman

Proair        90mcg. INHaler    Gabriel

Advair  60’s     500/50   Gabriel

Toprol     50mg                 Heist


One Response to “update dad’s meds, dr. appts.”

  1. 6furlongs Says:

    I didn’t see anything about dad having dizzy spells. As far as the CAT scan done in the hospital after the seizure, I’m sure the neurologist saw the report so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I am coming to the appnt with the neurologist on May 6th.
    Does Dad have any history of skin pre-cancer spots?

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