March 29, 2010

I’m glad they are not rushing to do an ablation on Dad.  I think it’s risky at his age.  I’m hoping for sleep apnea.  I know this is a lot on all of you there when Mom and Dad need assistance and I am sorry I am not there to help.  I will call them every day.  We’ll have the MRI sent to Mike’s office to be re=read by one of his radiologists.  They will be very thorough.  I’d like them to come out here end of April/early May for some golf and relaxation if their health permits.



Dad update

March 27, 2010

We saw Dr. Heist with Dad on Thursday. Dr. Heist confirmed he does have sleep apnea. Dad will begin to use the “mask” for 30 days when he returns from visiting Bob and Maria in DC on April 12.

Dr. Heist wants Dad to lose weight, too. He changed one of his meds that might make him less tired. Dr. H. is disinclined to do a cardiac ablation on dad to take care of his “skipped hearbeats” until after exhausting other treatments. Dad returns in May and will have another Holter monitor at that time.

Mom update

March 27, 2010

Hi all, here is the latest update on Mom. She was seen by Dr.  Sanford Levy, neurologist, of North  Shore Medical. He put her on an anti-seizure med and ordered an EEG (brain scan) and MRI. We will go back to see him on May 6.

Dr. Sanford says that often in patients Mom’s age the cause of seizures is a small stroke. the MRI will show whether or not there is any scar tissue that would indicate a stroke.

The anti-seizure med will make Mom tired for a while. She is understandably low, so any visits/phone calls that “jolly” her up will be great right now.

We could not get appt. with an MGH neurologist until June FYI, even when Dr. Heist’s office called.

Mom’s meds/drs. #

March 27, 2010

As of 3/27/10, here is a list of mom’s meds:

toprol, 50 mg daily, Dr. Heist

Lisinaprol, 20 mg daily( 1/2tab twice per day), Dr. Heist

Sotalol, 160 mg. daily (80mg. twice per day) Dr. Heist

Warfarin, 7.5 daily, Dr. Heist

Pravachol, 40mg. daily, Dr. Heist

Levetiracetam, 500 mg. twice daily, Dr. Levy

Mom’s Dr. contact numbers:

Dr. Sanford Levy, neurologist: 978/532-8010; 6 essex center drive, suite 307, Peabody

Dr. Peter Sheckman, PCP: 781/593-3400, Union Hospital Medical Bldg.

Dr. Kevin Heist, cardiologist: 617-726-4959, MGH Heart  Center

Michael, can you get and post info for Dad? Mom has copy of his meds in her wallet. Thanks.

Latest Molly update

March 23, 2010

Saw Dr. Sheckman today. Tomorrow, we bring mom to see a neurologist in Peabody.  Dr. Sheckman thinks this seizure is neurological, not physiological like the last one. He thinks they will put her on anti-seizure meds.  I am having medical records sent from Bridgton Hospital where she was treated Saturday night after the seizure. Mike has sent me his detailed impression of exactly what the seizure looked like, which will be very helpful.

I will plan to stay at Mom and Dad’s Wednesday night through Friday afternoon.