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update dad’s meds, dr. appts.

April 8, 2010

As of 5/3/10

Dad’s meds

Lisinoprol    20 mg /d       Dr. Lefkowitz (a cardiologist he does not see now)

HCTZ          12.5mg/d            Lefko

Tricor       145 mg/d             Lefko

Prilosec      20mg/d     Sheckman

Thyroxine    .075mg     Lefko

Crestor    20mg      Sheckman

Prosac     20mg     Sheckman

Proair        90mcg. INHaler    Gabriel

Advair  60’s     500/50   Gabriel

Toprol     50mg                 Heist


Mom’s MRI reading in Cinn

April 2, 2010

Mike had a good radiologist who is also a neurosurgeon read mom’s mri.  He confirmed that there is nothing on the mri indicating a stroke – good news, and didn’t see anything else alarming.  (Mom asked that he comment on the large size of her brain.  A good sense of humor is the key to health!)

I was still hoping for a low read on the sodium level from the hospital in Maine after the stroke but the test results were normal.  It’s impossible to say if her sodium went back to normal after the fluids were given in the ambulance. He said that it’s possible that they would have drawn blood out of the same line as the IV which would have had glucose in it.  Either way, maintaing a normal sodium level does seem to be a problem for mom. The anti-seizure medicine will keep her from having a seizure if it does get low.  I don’t like her on any extra meds, particularly if they make her feel bad but I’m afraid of more seizures.  I’m not sure how many more an 83 yr old (even with a great sense of humor and a large brain) can tolerate.

The doc here suggested talking to her cardiologist about discontinuing the Provocal for the cholesterol altogether.  Chris, I know you got it cut in half this week as Mom thinks it’s what’s making her stomach upset.  Her cholesterol has always been low and at 83 it’s probably not going to kill her.  Chris, do you want to address this with Dr. Heidt?

He also suggested having her sodium level checked at the same time her cumidin level is checked (monthly?)  Don, do you want to run that by Dr Steckman? I’ll see if there’s an at-home sodium test we could get for daily use.

Let me know what you all think.  Aside from her not feeling great, it’s good news that she didn’t have a stroke and that she is not in danger of having another seizure now that she is on the meds.


update mom’s meds

April 2, 2010

As of 5/3/10, here is a list of mom’s meds:

toprol, 50 mg daily, Dr. Heist

Lisinaprol, 20 mg daily( 1/2tab twice per day), Dr. Heist

Sotalol, 160 mg. daily (80mg. twice per day) Dr. Heist

Warfarin, 7.5 daily, Dr. Heist

Pravachol, 20mg. daily, Dr. Heist

Phenytoin, 100 mg. 2x/ day, Dr. Levy (anti seizure)

Omeprazole (prilosec)      20mg.   Sheckman (nausea)