talking with mom

This story is not about why I would have made a good doctor, but how we need to talk with Mom, especially about her health these days. For example, she tells some of us she is nauseous and some of is she is “sick to her stomach.” When I probed with specific questions, these are the details that emerged.

She has been nauseous for about a  month. When she gets up in the morning she is not nauseous (wish I knew how to spell that word,) eats breakfast, takes sodalol and about 1-2 hours later gets nauseous.  When I spoke with Dr. Heist’s office, that kind of detail is more helpful to them than a general “feeling nauseous” complaint. Because of the details, they were able to determine that the new cholesterol med she went on about a month ago could be causing the nausea and that those symptoms are consistent with side effects from the cholesterol med. To be determined if that is the cause, but nonetheless important to get as many details as possible from Mom.

Okay, okay, I probably would have made a great doctor — if only I were as smart as Scottie!


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