Mom’s meds/drs. #

As of 3/27/10, here is a list of mom’s meds:

toprol, 50 mg daily, Dr. Heist

Lisinaprol, 20 mg daily( 1/2tab twice per day), Dr. Heist

Sotalol, 160 mg. daily (80mg. twice per day) Dr. Heist

Warfarin, 7.5 daily, Dr. Heist

Pravachol, 40mg. daily, Dr. Heist

Levetiracetam, 500 mg. twice daily, Dr. Levy

Mom’s Dr. contact numbers:

Dr. Sanford Levy, neurologist: 978/532-8010; 6 essex center drive, suite 307, Peabody

Dr. Peter Sheckman, PCP: 781/593-3400, Union Hospital Medical Bldg.

Dr. Kevin Heist, cardiologist: 617-726-4959, MGH Heart  Center

Michael, can you get and post info for Dad? Mom has copy of his meds in her wallet. Thanks.


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